Buying Guide: Roof Types Part 2

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Aside from the EasyShed Flat Roof, Skillion Roof, Gable Roof and Truss Roof designs that we’ve discussed here, we also have the Off The Wall and Sliding Shed designs available for you here at ShedsDirect. They are durable steel garden sheds from EasyShed and are also great space-saving garden storage solutions. Let’s go into a little bit more detail to find out more about these designs

Truss Roof

If you are looking to house a workshop or studio space then an EasyShed Truss Roof shed is the ideal choice. The Truss Roof also has a pitched roof, but features a central beam with welded steel support making it perfect for those with larger machinery or equipment storage needs. It is specifically designed for larger style sheds and is EasyShed’s sturdiest roof design yet.

Truss Roof sheds come in widths of up to 7.5m, with narrower depths up to 3.75m and are available in a standard 1.8m wall height or Tall Door option with 2.1m wall height.

The EasyShed Truss Roof can be as big as 7.50m (w) x 3.75m (d) x 1.8m (h). Shop the full range of Truss Roof Workshops here.

Off The Wall

The EasyShed Off The Wall makes economical use of your tight outdoor space. It is ideal for those who have very limited space, but can do with a little extra room for outdoor storage. With no back wall and no need for a concrete slab, the Off The Wall range can be secured to an existing dwelling or structure.

It has a wall height of 1.95m at the rear that slopes down to the 1.80m front wall to provide you with extra storage capacity at the back of the shed. They are perfect for denser inner-city living, townhouses and homes where storage is needed, but space is restricted.

The range comes in widths of up to 3.75m and a narrow depth of only 0.78m. Have a look at your EasyShed Off The Wall options here.

Sliding Sheds

The Sliding Shed range are gardens sheds that come with EasyShed’s Easy Glide sliding doors instead of a standard hinged door. The Easy Glide features a sliding door pelmet made from extruded aluminium, and high-quality tracks and rollers. They roll along on the inside of the sliding door pelmet and are adjustable in height to ensure the door doesn’t scrape on the ground. Easy Glide sliding doors make accessing your shed’s contents easy as can be. They are the best on the market. They are so good that they also come with a lifetime warranty!

The EasyShed Sliding Sheds are also ideal for those who have limited access and need to get the most out of their available space. You won’t need to make room for a door that opens outwards due to the sliding door’s side-to-side operation.

The Sliding Sheds come in widths of up to 3.75m and depths of up to 3m. Check out the different Sliding Shed sizes that we offer here at ShedsDirect.


EasyShed steel garden shed kits are proudly Australian made and are built to last. They come with a lifetime warranty so you know you're covered. EasyShed offers a wide variety of garden shed options to fit your storage requirements and personality. These affordable garden sheds are durable, safe and simple to set up with EasyShed’s innovative 5 Step Assembly. All EasyShed components feature EdgeSAFE rolled safety edges for your protection when handling and assembling your EasyShed. Have a look at our specials!