Buying Guide: Colour

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Need help choosing the perfect colour for your garden shed? We make it easy and exciting for you! EasyShed garden sheds have 25 exclusive colours for you to choose from so you can effortlessly match the colours of your home’s exterior or fencing.

When choosing a garden shed colour, consider the environment surrounding your shed. If you want to spotlight your garden shed’s surroundings, go for muted shed colours. Neutral colours such as light grey and beige allow your garden to be the main attraction.

Current trends show that grey garden sheds are a favourite for Australian backyards. ShedsDirect offers a variety of grey colours from EasyShed with Slate Grey being the best-selling colour. You can also choose from other grey tones such as Armour GreyGull Grey and Iron Grey. You’ll be able to choose these colours on our website so you can see how your EasyShed might look like in the colour of your choice.

There are also other lighter and darker colour options for you to choose from. If your EasyShed is going to be exposed to a lot of sun, choosing a lighter colour will effectively reflect the heat protecting your shed’s contents from extremely hot temperatures. Darker colours are more efficient at storing heat and are ideal for cooler climates.

Here are some other EasyShed colours for you to consider:

Gable Slider Garden Shed 2.25m (w) x 2.25m (d) x 1.80m (h) in Tuscan Red

Heritage Red, Tuscan Red – Red emanates warmth and energy. To show your passion and zest for life, choose any of our red options for your EasyShed.

 Tall Truss Roof Shed 6.00m x 3.75m x 2.10m/2.48m (door/peak) in Torres Blue

Blue Horizon, Mountain Blue, Torres Blue – Blue represents serenity, and it enhances your artistic expression. Great for inspiration when crafting your masterpiece or if you’re just looking for a little rest and relaxation in your backyard shed.

Off The Wall Garden Shed 2.25m (w) x 0.78m (d) x 1.95m (h) in Caulfield Green

Caulfield Green, Mist Green – What better choice for your gardening shed? Green represents nature and in general, promotes self-awareness and initiative. It’s a perfect environment for plants and your garden tools.

Skillion Garden Shed 2.25m x 1.90m x 2.10m in Ebony

Ebony – Ebony is a colour that sets a mood for power and authority. It’s a great colour option if you’re looking to turn your garden shed into a backyard office.


 Tall Flat Garden Shed 2.25m x 0.78m x 2.12m in Jasmine Brown

Jasmine Brown – Brown stands for reliability and stability – just like EasyShed garden sheds.

These are just a few of your EasyShed colour options here on ShedsDirect. Other available options are Birch, Bush Smoke, Merino, Monument, Off White, Pale Terracotta, Rivergum, Sandlewood, Smooth Cream, Stone, Wheat and Zinc.

Have a look at our shed colours on sale here!