How to Waterproof Your Garden Shed

Date Posted:9 February 2018 

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Keep your shed’s contents in pristine condition by waterproofing your garden shed. Here are tips on how to prevent water and moisture from coming into your shed.

Build a rebated slab

A rebated slab is a concrete slab where the top part will become the floor of the garden shed, and the shed’s wall panels will sit on the lowered or “rebated” edge.

Building a rebated slab for your garden shed will keep water out during wet weather. It will also provide a solid surface giving you a secure and level foundation to work on.

Once you’ve built your rebated concrete slab and assembled your garden shed, it’s time to seal around the inside base of your shed to further boost its water resistance. Use any silicone sealant that you prefer to do this.

Sealing from the inside will ensure proper drainage of water and moisture during wet weather.

Insulate your shed

Insulating your shed will keep the moisture out and will protect the insides of your garden shed and your goods.

Moisture is created when the inside of the shed is warmer than the outside temperature. The moisture then gets trapped. Once it reaches the coolest parts of the shed, usually the windows and the roof, it condenses into droplets and drips down to the floor.

To prevent this from happening, you can use foil insulation and secure it to the walls and roof. A thin micro-perforated wall wrap will do. For the real shed enthusiast, you can use a foil ‘bubble’ style insulation like Kingspan Air-Cell.

After the insulation is installed, you can screw MDF boards on top of your insulation for a nice and tidy finish.

Get the right roof design

Get the right roof design that’s best suited to your needs and the layout of your backyard. The EasyShed Flat Roof design will allow you to drill small holes in the channels to allow roof drainage at either the front or the back of the roof. Doing this will also prevent rainwater from coming in.

The EasyShed Skillion Roof design, on the other hand, has a taller door opening that slopes down to the back wall of the shed. This guarantees effective rainwater run-off, and extra headroom and storage capacity.

The popular Gable Roof design has a pitched roof that allows rain to run off the garden shed and provides plenty of internal space.

EasyShed’s COLORBOND® steel sheets are weather-tight and water resistant. EasyShed products are proudly Australian made and specifically designed for the Australian climate. Protect your goods and keep water out by following these tips and investing in an EasyShed. Shop our SPECIALS here.

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