How to Assemble Your Garden Shed Part 6: Building The Front Panel

Date Posted:18 December 2017 

How to Assemble Your Garden Shed Part 6: Building The Front Panel main image How to Assemble Your Garden Shed Part 6: Building The Front Panel image

Building the Front Panel

To start building the front panel of your EasyShed, identify the components required using your instruction manual and place them on your trestles or work area. Lay out the components as shown and assemble them without screws to begin with.

Fasten the two U-Channels then run the full length of the panel with a self-tapping screw in the second rib at each of the four corners, ensuring the ends are flush with the edge of the sheeting.

Secure the top and bottom door space channels in position.

Before securing the rest of the components, lay the completed doors into the door opening to ensure they fit correctly.

Secure the rest of the components in place.

After fastening all of the components together, turn each door upside down and let the hinges hang down over the door jambs.

Ensure the space between the door and the outer door frame is even at both top and bottom before securing the hinges into place.  Ensure the self-tapping screws pierce through not just the door jamb, but the sheeting behind it.  Not being secured through the sheeting can cause the doors bow/twist.

If internal door pad bolts are used for your EasyShed, fit them to the top and bottom so that the shaft overhangs the door by 50mm when in the deployed or closed position.

To finish off the doors, fit the four-door braces diagonally to the inside face of the door.  Fasten through the door brace into the sheet using 6 self-tapping screws along its length.  Remove the screws and re-fasten from the outside face of the door.  As a tip, it’s best if you do this in two steps, leaving at least 2 screws in place to keep the braces and screw holes in alignment.

Congratulations! Your front panel is now complete.

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