How to Assemble Your Garden Shed Part 5: Hanging And Assembling The Doors

Date Posted:18 December 2017 

How to Assemble Your Garden Shed Part 5: Hanging And Assembling The Doors main image How to Assemble Your Garden Shed Part 5: Hanging And Assembling The Doors image

Hanging and Assembling the Doors

Hanging and assembling the doors of your EasyShed garden shed is simple to do. In this example, we will be assembling a double door shed. Depending on the EasyShed model that you have purchased, you may only have one door to assemble.

Referring to your EasyShed instruction manual, locate the door components and lay them in place on your trestles or work area.

Starting with the first door panel, begin by placing the side hinge channels onto the edges of the door panel.

Make sure that the corners are flush, then secure both ends by drilling near the hinges.

Starting with the side channel that has hinges attached to it, mark a centre point along this channel, then drill the channel to the door panel.

Place the opposite channel, the one that has no hinges, on the other edge of the door panel. Secure this channel in the same manner.

To secure the top and bottom U-channels, place the bottom U-channel onto the door, and making sure that it is tight with the edges, secure the corners with a self-tapping screw.

As with the other channels, mark a centre screw point then drill to the panel.

Simply repeat this process for the top channel.

Once all U-channels are secure, remove the two centre screws from the side channels so that you can slide the centre door strap in place, making sure it fits underneath the channels.

Fix the strap into place with the screws that you have removed. Secure further by drilling additional self-tapping screws on every other rib across the strap.

Now locate the cross bracing using your manual, and flip the door panel over.

Position the cross bracing in place making sure the ends slide under the channel corners, then screw into place at each corner.

Using the self-tapping screws, drill holes at equal distant points along each brace.

Flip the door over to its front side, and secure the screws back into the drilled holes.

The process for the second door, if included in your purchase, is exactly the same, with the inside U-channel replaced by the Z-shaped door jamb.

Fix the door plates and door lock exactly halfway up the doors. The flat end of the door plate should be placed between the U-channel and the door sheet.

Next Step: Building the Front Panel

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