How to Assemble Your Garden Shed Part 4: Building The Roof Panel

Date Posted:18 December 2017 

How to Assemble Your Garden Shed Part 4: Building The Roof Panel main image How to Assemble Your Garden Shed Part 4: Building The Roof Panel image

Building the Roof Panel

To build the roof of your EasyShed, locate the components for the roof panels using your instruction manual. Layout the sheets across your trestles or your work area, and overlap each sheet at the first rib of each.

If you added the Fibreglass Skylight accessory, you will need to overlap 2 of your roof sheets an additional 2 ribs, allowing the skylight to fit.

Measure and mark a centre screw point at each overlapping rib and using the self-tapping screws provided, secure the sheeting at this point.

Position a U-channel along the top of the sheet, and make sure the ends are flush.

Fix a self-tapping screw at the second rib at each end, followed by every second rib after that. Do not secure the corners at this time.

Once done, repeat these steps for the bottom channel.

Now, position and fasten the two side L flashings along the ends of the sheets making sure that the shorter side sits on the top of the roof panel. The side L flashing will sit underneath the top and bottom U-channel.

You can now secure the corners.

Secure the side L flashings by marking a centre point on them, then drill using the self-tapping screws provided.

You have completed your first roof panel. If assembling a shed with 2 roof panels, simply repeat this process for the second roof panel.

In Gable, Truss & Garage models, you’ll now need to locate the ridge beam and slide it onto the edge of one of the roof panels that you’ve just completed.  This is easiest done with the roof panel upside down (the colour side facing down).  Screw the ridge beam into place along the length of the roof panel.

Once completed, place your roof panel/s aside.

Next Step: Hanging and Assembling the Doors

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