How to Assemble Your Garden Shed Part 1: Getting Started

Date Posted:18 December 2017 

How to Assemble Your Garden Shed Part 1: Getting Started main image How to Assemble Your Garden Shed Part 1: Getting Started image

Welcome to part 1 of our assembly guide. In this 6 part series, we will be providing a step by step guide as to how to easily build your new shed! 

 5 Step Assembly – Getting Started

 Garden sheds are simple and easy to assemble with their innovative 5-Step Assembly. We’ll show you each step starting with the back panel.

Before commencing your EasyShed assembly, make sure to do the following:

  • Wear safety gloves and glasses at all times to protect your hands from sharp metal edges, and to protect your eyes from tiny airborne drilling debris.
  • Unpack the cartons and familiarise yourself with all the components, then sort, separate and identify the various components.
  • At least two people are recommended when assembling your EasyShed, especially when handling the completed roof & wall panels. Always carry the panels vertically with one person at each end.
  • Do not attempt to handle the panels during windy conditions since sudden wind gusts may damage the panels and/or cause personal injury.

Here are the tools that you will need:

  • Power Drill
  • Phillips head driver
  • Stepladder
  • 3mm steel drill bit
  • Rivet gun (some models)
  • 10mm steel drill bit (for concrete fixing)
  • 10mm masonry drill bit (for concrete fixing)

The Work Area

Make sure to select a level work area to assemble the panels together. Use your concrete slab or place a couple of planks on the ground.

Or, if you have a couple of saw horses/trestles and four planks about 3000mm and 1800mm in length, fasten the planks to the top of the saw horses. This will give you a good working platform and make the panel assembly process much easier.



Let’s start by building the back panel

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